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Systems Thinking Alliance

Digital Badge

Digital Badge Industry-recognized certifications

Announcing your achievements with system thinking digital badges!

A digital badge is a powerful tool to showcase your exam success or certification attainment to the world. It consists of an image and unique metadata that verifies your accomplishments. By sharing your badge online, you provide others with a quick and easy way to learn about your skills while ensuring the authenticity of your achievements.

Attach your badge to websites, email signatures, or social networks, allowing employers and interested parties to view and verify your credentials with a single click.

Introducing Systems Thinking Alliance digital badges

 Digital badges, delivered through credly’s acclaim platform, offer flexible options for recognition and verification ,which complement our industry-recognized certifications. Access all your Systems Thinking Alliance certification benefits alongside your digital badges.

The benefits of digital badges are immense. They consolidate your credentials in a web-based format, making them easily accessible for employers. Simply provide a one-click verification of your certification and skills. Enhance your professional profiles by adding your digital badge, demonstrating your expertise and experience. You can also celebrate your accomplishments with your network by sharing your digital badge on social media.

Sharing your digital badge is a breeze through credly’s integration with popular platforms. Log into your account on, choose the badge you wish to share, and click the blue “share” button. Connect your social media accounts, and with a simple click, your digital badge will be shared. For additional support and information, please contact credly through their support portal:

Frequently Asked Question

Systems Thinking Alliance Digital Badge

Earn and showcase a digital badge from Systems Thinking Alliance (STA), demonstrating your system thinking expertise and enhancing your professional profile. Gain industry recognition and credibility in just 24 hours.

To obtain a digital badge from Systems Thinking Alliance, you would need to earn a certification offered under our alliance. Once you pass an exam and meet the criteria for certification, you will be awarded a digital badge representing your achievement.

The digital badge serves as a way to showcase your credentials and skills in system thinking online. By sharing your digital badge, you can provide evidence of your achievements, skillset and expertise to potential employers and organizations. It helps build credibility and confidence in your skillset, making you more marketable in your professional field.

You can share your digital badge by attaching it to a website, email signature, or social network. Additionally, using credly's sharing options, you can directly share your badge to LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook from your acclaim account.

You can receive your digital badge through your provided email address within 24 hours after passing the exam of the respective certification. If not received you can contact us via Contactus at systemsthinkingalliance dot org

Yes, you can display your systems thinking digital badge on your professional profiles. Adding your digital badge to your professional profiles, such as LinkedIn and other professional websites, allows potential employers and colleagues to easily view and verify your certification and associated skills.

Systems Thinking Alliance certifications are industry-recognized credentials, which means that the digital badge you receive from Systems Thinking Alliance holds value and is recognizable within the industry.

Celebrate your achievements and let the world recognize your skills with Systems Thinking Alliance Digital Badges!

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